ETESA carries out public act for Sabanitas – Panama III project

Last Thursday, February 20, 2020, the Envelope Opening Act for Public Bidding No. 2019-2-78-0-03-LP-011271 was celebrated for the work SUPPLY ASSEMBLY, CIVIL WORKS AND COMMISSIONING FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE 230 kV SABANITAS TRANSMISSION LINE – PANAMA III AND ASSOCIATED SUBSTATIONS.

This event was celebrated at the Miramar Hotel, Salon Bahia, Panama City, Republic of Panama. Seven companies submitted their proposals, including Global Solutions and Equipment LLC (GS&E) as a leading company and representative of the SP3 Consortium, formed by the companies Enzen Global Solutions Private Limited (India), LAECA – Latinoamericana de Electrificación SA (Venezuela) and Transmission y Comunicación SA (T&C).

The SP3 Consortium is committed to the eventual execution of the works under the best professional and technical engineering standards, in case of deciding the work indicated.

The Project consists in the construction of a 230kV Transmission Line with a double circuit and two conductors per phase that will have an approximate capacity of 1000MVA per circuit and an estimated length of 50kms along Panama – Colón Highway. It has an expected date of entry into operation for the year 2022.

With the construction of this Sabanitas – Panama III 230 KV double circuit line, the entire generation of future thermoelectric power plants to be installed in the area of ​​the province of Colón, up to a total of 2,000 MW, can be transmitted.

This project’s scope also includes the Supply, Assembly, Civil Works, and commissioning of two (2) Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) substations, one in Sabanitas, Province of Colon called Sabanitas Substation and another Substation in Mocambo, Province of Panama called Substation Panama III.

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